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At Rental Acquisitions LLC, we offer M&A and Valuation Services specifically for equipment and special event rental business owner/operators who are looking for a solid exit strategy.


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Rental Acquisitions via Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC, ("Kingsbridge") is now offering New Equipment Leasing/Financing.
Kingsbridge has significant Equipment Rental Industry knowledge and understands the challenges of the capital intensity of the business.
Kingsbridge offers efficient execution and unsurpassed customer service that will give independent owners a fresh and flexible new alternative when it comes to leasing and/or financing equipment.
Kingsbridge bases all if its philosophy on customer service. Not just another cliché, but truly a different level of service commitment.
Kingsbridge will provide strategic, intelligent and independent financing solutions regarding equipment acquisition. Whether for Maintenance Capital Expenditures (“Cap Ex”) or Growth Cap Ex,  Kingsbridge will devote the time and effort that is required for each customized transaction.
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Kingsbridge holds and controls all of its own “paper”, providing stability and security for your financial needs!  Everything is handled in house.
You as the customer won’t have to worry about fine-print surprises, lack of proper notification periods, unnecessary red-tape or bureaucracy, but can expect the level of personalized service that you offer your own end-users.
hoovertent“Working with Kingsbridge Holdings, LLC, in different capacities over the past couple of years has been very rewarding, on many levels,” says Fred Hageman, Principal of Rental Acquisitions, LLC. “My firm is taking on this new opportunity only because of Kingsbridge’s and TZP’s people and their ethics, integrity, experience and the fact that they are exactly the type of folks that this industry is built on. Plus, it’s a great new option for Rental Company Owners to consider when making serious investing decisions. These guys are in the bricks and mortar rental equipment business themselves now, so they are ‘putting their money where their mouth is’ so to speak” added Hageman.
The “sweet spots” for Kingsbridge are transactions from $100,000 to $1,000,000, but deals smaller than that with potential for becoming larger will also be considered. If your leasing/financing needs are up to $10 Million, that is also available. 12 month term leases up to 72 months are all available with “turn it back in” options, “Fair Market Value” buyout options, or even a pre-determined “month-to-month” option is available. The average size deal for Kingsbridge is approximately $500,000, but Flexibility is Key and that’s what Kingsbridge brings to the table.
Please contact Rental Acquisitions either through its website, emailing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling (530) 545-8855.